Change is a Stone’s Throw Away


Health and Wellness Coach Tracey

Have you noticed that our priorities for personal health and wellness often slip behind other priorities that intrude upon our best intentions?  Challenges at work, illness in the family and strained relationships often trump decisions that we know can improve our health.

We tend to allow the needs of others to override our desire to go to the gym, eat healthy or practice mindfulness.  When we wake up to the fact that we are ready for change, we often want immediate results.  We try quick-fix methods and make resolutions that tend to fail us.

Investing in our own personal health is a lot like tossing a stone in a pond. Imagine the ripple created from the energy stored within the stone and released within the water(remember learning about potential energy in 5th grade science?).  Tiny waves move outward as energy is transferred from the stone to the water.  Every personal transformation, just like a ripple in a pond, has a point of origin, a time when we make the choice to change. more…

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