Why Coaching Works

Why Does Coaching Work?

We are surrounded by medical advice and health products and services that promise gains in our status yet more than one-third of US adults are obese and at risk for developing chronic diseases.  So, where’s the disconnect?  Most of us lack the skill to create a personal plan for well-being and the confidence to implement it.   In addition, our healthcare system sends an underlying message that we are not in charge of our own health and well-being because we rely on experts to deliver prescriptions and advice.   This expert approach has its place but not at the expense of working to find our own answers.

Health & wellness coaching works because it uses a holistic approach integrating information from many fields – coaching psychology, nutrition and mental health, to name just a few – and evidence-based theories.   Professional coaches also use a holistic view of a person; plans intertwine mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strategies.  In addition, we need to connect wellness to something bigger than ourselves, a heartfelt higher purpose based on what we value most.   Professional coaches help you uncover your higher purpose for health and well-being and connect the dots between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.