"Tracey worked with me for about a year helping me to overcome my stress/emotional eating. My goal was to have a healthier relationship with food and to stop using it as a comfort mechanism.Tracey was very patient and seemed to know the right questions to ask in helping me to narrow down what was triggering this need and how to overcome it. After our weekly meetings, she would take the time to research articles, based on our discussion, and email them to me to read before the next appointment. I’m still working on my issues, but with the skills I learned in Tracey’s coaching sessions, I’ve made significant improvement. Thank you, Tracey, for helping me to understand that I am worth taking the time to work on myself!" Kim B, Essex, VT

Butterfly"I am thrilled with the Coaching Services I received from Tracey Shadday. I was at a crossroads, thinking about going back to work, issues with my weight, and overall wellness. Tracey listened to me and helped me develop a clear vision of what I wanted. She armed me with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding my wellness. She provided me with recipes, sample meal planning and even made a home visit to develop meal plans based on what was already in my refrigerator! This involvement is above and beyond anything I expected from a coach. After each coaching session I would receive an email with the updated Vision report and Goal Review. This helped so much with remembering all the great information she shares with you but also with accountability between sessions! My goals are no longer abstract ideas. With Tracey’s help, they are now in place and active. I still have a way to go, but having someone coaching you along the way is a wonderful gift to yourself." Christine Gilbert, Lutz, FL

"I reached out to Tracey for support in January of 2016. I knew I needed to make some changes but found myself putting it off, making excuses and staying stuck. I gave Tracey a call and told her I needed a push. Tracey worked with me to make small attainable goals. She encouraged me and gave me great recommendations for changing the way I think about food and exercise. She gave me practical tools to make my goals become a reality. I think the most important change that she helped me achieve is getting out of a rut in my thinking and habits. The longer your habits have been in place the deeper the rut. It feels really good to be able to walk several miles on the beach without being exhausted. It feels amazing to have lost weight. It is such a relief not to be suffering from joint pain because of the inflammatory foods I was eating. I also have learned to cope with stress more effectively. Tracey does not just concentrate on food and exercise. Whatever challenges you are facing she will point you toward resources that can help. I highly recommend her as a wellness coach." Anne W. St Petersburg, FL

"Tracey, you have been such a support to me in my process of deciding what to do about my health situation. I love and appreciate how you’ve guided me to get in touch with my own answers and to support me and hold me accountable. You have not steered me to what you believe I should do but supported me around what my inner voice is telling me what to do. I am still in the process of discovering what that is and I am so grateful that you are on that path with me. And as you know…..I LOVE that you are a woman of God and we pray before and after our session. You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad you decided to become a coach and find your true calling. Love," KM, Asheville, NC

"It has been very easy to put my health on the back burner, neglecting to do the things I know I should be doing. As a result various physical ailments and stressors have jeopardized my health and wellness. Coach Tracey helped me create a plan that motivated me to follow through. I couldn't do it without her." Lori Reyes, Lutz, FL

"The confusion of how to best start on the road to a healthy lifestyle seemed too overwhelming to me and I did not know where or how to start, so I didn’t. Tracey took that confusion away by breaking it down and making simple steps on a road to a healthy way of living that is possible for even me to do! Now I am traveling down that road with a focus on goals that I believe are realistic. Thanks Tracey!" – Tami Curry, Tampa, FL


"I have been blessed with many amazing life shifts in this year, one of them is the support from my wellness coach and dear friend, Tracey. For me, she was able to help me develop a clear vision which led to health/wellness goals with successful outcomes. I so appreciated her talents, health/wellness education, supportive goals, clear vision, leadership, and so much more. Make health and wellness your resolution! Let Tracey Munton Shadday help you reach your goals!" Lori – Lutz, FL

"Coaching did for me what psychological counseling could not. It provided a partnership that never felt one-sided. During weeks that felt like an eternity, Coach Tracey and I created goals that focused me and gave me hope. With her help we created a relapse plan that has been my "go to" in times of need. God places special people in our lives to teach and encourage us. Coach Tracey has been that for me". Belinda – Tampa, FL

"Great experience! Tracey is always so positive. I lost 10 pounds during my coaching session." – Lisa S. Morgan, VT

testimonial_Janice"Though I don't like to admit it, I am what's commonly referred to as a Senior Citizen! Throughout my life I have been blessed with good health and I wanted to honor God and show my gratitude by changing some bad habits that could possibly jeopardize my health and wellness in the future. Tracey Shadday helped me prioritize and focus on the areas I needed to change. With Tracey's guidance and positive, encouraging support I have been able to eliminate unhealthy foods from my diet and lose weight. I'm moving more and more each week, and have adopted practices to better manage stress. Thank you, Tracey, you're the best!" – Janice Carroll, Lutz, FL

"One of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced was the severing of a very important relationship. I was thrown such a curve ball that I became a puddle of tears, becoming more depressed and never finding a way to cope. Then I began meeting by phone with Tracey each week. She listened empathetically and reframed the negative into positive. With her help I started finding happiness in little things and learned that my life wasn't over; there was light in the darkness that surrounded me. Tracey has the most loving heart and patient ear. I think God puts people in your life when you need them most and I'm glad Tracey is in mine." – Beth Andrews, Indianapolis, IN

"At age 77 I found myself wanting to do the things I once enjoyed as an active man – building engines, gardening and fishing. Diabetes and COPD have prevented me from being more active because of the extra weight I carry. My eating was out of control. I began setting weekly goals with my coach. She helped me make small changes and soon I learned that although I'm addicted to food, I'm capable of making a choice to cut back. I'll never forget the first time I went all week without eating french fries, my favorite snack food! After three months I lost 13 pounds, I've refrained from eating nonstop all day and my blood sugar level (A1C) went from 12 to 8." – Roeland Carroll, Lutz, FL

Wendy"Tracey, you are more than a blessing. I just love how The Lord has used you to minister to me. I love how you helped me crumble down what looked like a huge mountain of things to do that overwhelmed me everyday. Your advice to start journaling, joining the toastmaster’s club, getting involved with helping young women that are where I used to be, shy, timid, broken inside and rejected helped me to not only start making baby steps but to also break everything down in my own thinking and planning to a level that I am able to handle and not feel overwhelmed.

I was so impressed even with how you got me involved in our conversations by asking me questions and getting me to think and rethink. And for the most part ,the answers were in me, you just wisely pulled them out and helped me see them clearly. Now I am journaling, setting my daily goals that help me achieve my weekly goals that help me get to my three month goals. That’s been my progress in baby steps.

Can’t say Thank You enough for your excellent work and for your prudence." – Wendy, Tampa, FL

"Tracey has provided resources, accountability, and support to help me in my goals. I had been looking to become healthier in finances, mindset, time management, and relationships. Not only has she helped me improve upon these areas, but she has mentored me in starting my own health coaching business. Every week, we set small goals that stretch me forward and she is always thrilled to celebrate those accomplishments. I have been able to improve my financial mindset, balance my time more effectively, take relational risks, grow my health coaching business, and help me become more independent. She is informed, genuine, kind, vibrant, and she cares about her work. I am very thankful as she has been a grounding source of my week and I strongly suggest her to anyone looking for a holistic coach." – Chloe B, St. Petersburg, FL